Photo & Image Editing

Photo & Image Touch-Up, Composition, Resizing

original photo of older gentleman in wheelchair
The family desired a high resolution portrait to project onto a screen at an awards event honoring their father who could not attend.

same photo cropped to show just portrait of gentleman
At this stage the photo has been cropped to portrait size, but has some background artifacts and another person in the shot.

portrait photo touched up to remove background clutter
Final high resolution portrait for projection. Background artifacts have been removed along with the person behind the desk.

Color Splash: Highligting A Point of Interest In A black & White Photo

black and white photo of old-style cottage window surrounded by garden plants

same black and white photo with color added to just window frame and window plants

black and white photo of roses in vase on window sill

same black and white photo with red color added to just one rose

Video Editing

Wedding Photo Montage

Flying Logo Intro

Online Church Services and Sermons

In 2020 when public activities were changing because of COVID, many churches decided to offer online video sermons and lessons each Sunday, along with special holiday services. In this way, the congregation could still worship together from home even though apart. The videos were helpful in keeping congregations uplifted during those difficult times and many churches continue to provide that option today.

If you would like the same for your church or organization, don’t hesitate to contact me for a price quote. I’ll give you tips on how to make a professional video using just your smart phone. When ‘filming’ is complete, you upload the video to my cloud drive and from there I will transform your service or sermon into a finished video. You will receive a copy of the completed MP4 video and/or I can upload it to your YouTube, Vimeo or other online account. The featured videos from Trinity Lutheran Church were all recorded ‘solo’ by Pastor Andy using his iPhone and the quality is exceptional.

Trinity Lutheran Church Sermons

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