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We specialize in affordable websites for small business and non-profit organizations. Do you need a website designed to get people talking about you? Does your outdated website need a facelift?
We can help.

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Have some old photos you’d like updated or arranged into a video slideshow? What about that ‘perfect shot’, except someone’s eyes are closed? Need some images touched up for a presentation?
We can help.

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Do you have a collection of video clips from your special life events? We’ll take these precious moments and weave them into a treasured story line for you and your family. Available in AVI, MPEG4, DVD Disc.
We can help.

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Problems with your computer, printer or home network? Need a hardware upgrade? We provide on-premises computer maintenance and service in our local South Jersey area. Remote service also available.
Yes, we can help.

We Do Great Stuff

“We do great stuff” - Well, that’s what our clients tell us. Not only can we design a cutting-edge website that will set you apart from the others, but we can also revitalize your existing website, giving you a better presence on the internet. In addition to website design, our digital arts repertoire includes photo editing, video editing and computer services. If you have any of these needs, d3digital has an affordable solution.

We fuse today’s technology with yesterday’s pride in craftsmanship and turn out great things.

If you look at a project and think “I can’t” - send it to us because we can!

We’re A Small Web Design Firm Located In New Jersey Right Near Philly

When we design a website for you, it’s not just another project to us, it’s an opportunity for us to express your vision and expectations to the world. Each client has different needs and goals so the first step in any design project is to learn about you and what you want to project about you or your organization. Our first consultation will be to get to know you better and of course, you will get to know us.

Before any previews are submitted, we want to be sure we understand your needs and how you want to be recognized on the internet.

Maybe you already have an existing website and it’s just not expressing your current message or getting the reach you want. We are happy to help there too and revitalize your site, giving it a facelift.

Realizing that not everyone is familiar with the website design process, we don’t try to impress you with techno-speak! We’ll talk in regular terms and move along at a comfortable pace. At the conclusion, you will understand how the process works and what you can expect from us.

Since photo and video editing are often used in a website project, we are in a position to provide these services separately.

Computers are essential to our work and we know how to keep them running at top efficiency. So, we can also offer that service to you.

We love providing solutions! The best way to judge us is by our work, so please feel free to explore our website.


Some Of Our Work

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More Of What We Do

In addition to Website Design we also offer:

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Photo Editing

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Video Editing

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Computer Services


Answers to Common Questions

You’re not just an account number with us. We get to know you by name and have a one-on-one relationship with each of our clients. During the design phase, we will have several consultations with you so that your website is unique, commands attention, and meets your goals and needs. Plus, we’re available to our clients 7 days a week from 8 AM to 7 PM Eastern time.

Most important is what you want to achieve. Do you want to attract more people to your church, organization or business? Do you want to generate interest in your product or service? Do you want to increase sales? Knowing this before the first page is designed is very important.

1. Domain Name - This is the internet name for your site. For example, this website’s domain name is
2. Website Content - This is the code and individual component parts which we create and assemble to produce the design of your dreams.
3. Hosting Service - This is a commercial server where your website content resides.
Don't worry - we can take care of all this for you.

You can call us anytime with changes or updates which are generally accomplished within 24 to 48 hours – often sooner.

Absolutely. Having a responsive or mobile friendly website is essential. More than half of all visitors to most websites today are using mobile devices. Your site must be readable and functional both on a desktop screen and on a smaller mobile screen. Google and other search engines will give higher rankings to mobile friendly sites than to static sized websites.

Yes, it should. A few years ago, it was not as important unless you were running an ecommerce site or collecting personal data. Today, with the increased awareness of protecting privacy along with changes in browser notifications and SEO, having an SSL certificate (HTTPS) is essential. 1. HTTPS ensures all data exchanged between your website and visitors is encrypted. 2. Browsers are now displaying notices for websites which are not secure. 3. Google gives a slight boost in search rankings to websites which have an SSL certificate. 4. Having an SSL Certificate earns your users’ trust.

That is due to GDPR which stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a new regulation in European Union law governing data protection and privacy for all individuals within the EU. Although complex, the regulations basically state that websites must inform EU residents what personal information is being collected, give them the choice to opt out of data collection and offer to delete any personal data if applicable. Although we are not EU legal experts, we can help in getting your website compliant if needed.

Sure! Just contact any of the website owners displayed in our portfolio. That way you can speak directly to our clients. Don’t be shy - each one has given us permission to feature their website in our portfolio and can tell you of their experiences with us.

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